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Default X to skate / train for higher cadence

Originally Posted by speedysktr View Post

Skate to skate and ride to ride.
Well spoken.
Nevertheless: In reality I cannot "skate to skate" whenever I would like to. Where I live, skating is not possible for some months during the winter. That's why I ask for the best way to prepare for skating on the ergometer. As I told in another thread, I want to prepare for a 100k race in spring. Therefore I have to make the best out of winter.
What is your proposal for this? What is the best "X to skate" - besides X=skate? (I especially would like an X which I can do at home or directly start from my home door).

I noticed that my cadence is slower that those other skaters mentioned here, around 50 per minute. And I noticed in my last race, when I finally fell out of the group, that I was not able to keep their significantly higher cadence (my guess: 60).
How can I train to increase my cadence without becoming memphisspeed's short stepping turtle?
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