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Not sure about the egrometer but for a bike cadence varies depending on the rider and the type of ride. My legs feel the best when im spinning 95 or so on a road bike. Sometimes I will mash a gear at 70 RPM to change it up for rest, sometimes I will spin 110+ to rest as well so it varies.

Lets say two riders are going along at 30mph but have a different cadence:

Lower cadence = less stroke but must press harder (and pull up harder as well) = needs fast twitch muscle fibers

Higher cadence = push light on the pedals but takes more rpms to match speed = needs slow twitch muscle fibers

I am from the school of thought that thinks its bad to mash a gear at lower cadence of 75 or lower for long. This action recruits too many fast twitch muscle fibers that would be better used later in the ride/race for chasing down breaks and or sprints to the finish.

Relating this to skating my cadence is around 60-80 SPM (strokes per miniute). This is a HUGE guesstimate on my part because I have never really counted but pretty much I fire a stroke around every second. As with cycling sometimes its a little slower sometimes a little faster depending on how I feel. Also like cycling I find it easier to keep a higher "SPM" than to really push hard taking less strokes per minute.

If you do opt for a higher skating cadence make sure you are still "hitting the edges" when skating and not making short little jab strokes looking like a turtle scooting across a hot road.

Very quick reply cause my Vista install keeps crashing... hope it makes sense.
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