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As a fellow ice skater, I have gravitated towards rocker skates, particularly 3 wheel. rockers don't tend to be the best for speed/fitness though. a good compromise is hi-low skates. some frames can be all of the above. my go to are the reign hockey skates, which have a trinity mount frame that can be fully adjusted from flat to high-low to rocker (half and full). The drawback is price. They are really expensive.
There are other skates out there. I have found that the slightly rockered 4 wheel "freestyle" skates with 80mm are able to conquer most roads while being very manouverable. You can learn to ride anything with a bit of practice. I have been known to occasionally race on my hockey skates with a full rocker setup. My best times? no, but still fast? sure.
Now, to throw a big wrench into the gears of the question....have you considered quad skates? a well set up quad can go outside and inside easily with maybe just a swap of the wheels.... they are also manouverable but fast.
all said and done, if you have skates you like outside, then buy a pair of skates for inside only. I personally prefer 3 to 4, but the angle/size of wheels will make more of a difference than the number.
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