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Well, I only skate outdoors, and I rather look forward to cooler temps in the fall, as it drops into the mid 60ís I start to wear CDX compression bottoms, tightening the hips and upper legs with compression clothing is wonderful, they offer insulated pairs, I have a few for snowboarding, and thinner pairs for not too cold weather,
as I love to road bike summers, I see compression socks worn by serious riders and some recovering from injuries, neoprene, tight, havenít tried any, heat is my problem, real compression socks

I donít wear gloves on a bike because my hands are so wet the gloves become useless, but,
Dave, a pair of the thicker neoprene socks unless you already have them sound like what you want, the CDX come in a version that stops just below the knee (for skiers) combine the two, and drink more water eat less sugar.
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