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Originally Posted by Letme View Post
You do realize that official rules forbid anything bigger than 110mm right? What more of a limitation do you wish to have? They will just change that number to 125mm if the size gets enough publicity, just like they did for 110's and 100's ... Limitation will always be there, but where we put it matters in terms of development of sport.
Yea I know some have the 110 stipulation, but how many have less than 100 or 90mm size stipulations? . How many have limitations base on a years in the sport or a "class"? Just look at automotive racing for a good comparison. You'll see inline speed skating is horribly lacking on its restrictions of gear . Especially for newcomers.

My point is you could have someone who has skated most of their life and never competed, and be in the beginners races, a complete ringer. On 110's and have great form. Then you have tue entry level skater new to the sport competing against them struggling with the new sport itself let alone trying to use equipment that is obviously better for a seasoned skater.
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