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Is 3x125 good for the future of the sport? We'll just have to wait and see. IMO frame configuration/wheelsize and "future of the sport" are not that directly linked.

I started out speedskating on 5x80 and have skated on pretty much everything since then, all I can say is that every step up has been making higher top end speeds possible. Although... As an outdoor marathon/endurance skater I never had that feeling going from 5x84 to 4x100 so I quickly ended up on 5x90, it was much better for me while most others, including the pro's, stuck with 4x100 untill 110's came along.

Now skating on 4x110 and 3x110+100 I can't help but wonder if 3x125 will work for me or be like 4x100. I'll find out soon enough when (or if?) more affordable 125mm wheels come to market. I'm not going to pay 200 Euro for a set of wheels or 150 Euro for a set without modern technology (flex band), especialy since Matter, even after all these years, still has not gotten rid of their hub problems...
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