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Smile Thanks for the video, we have all been waiting for it...LOL!

Well, Derrick I have been thinking about your posts lately, jumping, etc and people responses to you, like the Ancient1 and I have come to the conclusion that I differ in my advice to you.

Ancient1 advice to me is the correct advice, but I don’t think it is the correct advice for you.

You are not a strong skater, so you should not attack your jumps. For you I think a slower, much easier approach to jumping will give you the results you want…lol!

Your waltz jump to me is a more Creative Dance Step, rather than a hardcore Athletic leap into the air. So I think your approach is adequate and gets the job done.

Think of a Mapes jump, like a toe-waltz jump. So bring you right foot back, spin off the right toe stop and land in the waltz jump position. This is what we call a toe-waltz jump/not a single mapes, but you get credit of the single mapes.

Keep up the good work.

Larry O
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