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Default Finally got to Lima Oh, the rink was awesome.

So there I was and my Wife actually came with me. She sakted off and on. Mostly off. Well since we were on a trip I thought, "hey we have the camera and my wife is sitting on the sidelines." So I asked her to get some vid. Now my wife has never taken vid and she was more interested in talking to short stragglers that were sidelined. The conversations were hilarious. But I can't upload due to the background music copyright thing.

Anyway, she videoed for about a half hour. And I got a a lot of floors and ceilings and random feet. I aksed her about it and she said, "you wanted me to record you the whole time? I just kinda pointed the camera that way when you came around the corner." I'm clearly not as fascinating as I think I am.

So of the 2 or3 IB spins I got 0. Got one waltz-jump though although the entry is rather plaid. You'll see what I mean at about 1 minute. This is all I could salvage.

Self analysis because I must: If you seen my prior videos this is much better. But I'm still entering a bit leaned forward. I'm not sure if my feet should be closer together on the developement stage either. But all in all I'm kinda pleased with it.

In fact, I'm a bit leaned forward when going forward it seems. Not alot just enough that I should straghten it out. Might have to walk around with a book on my head. I once took a hike with a frizbee on my head, had it there for several miles (forgot my hat and my hair is real thin) forgot that it was up there and asked the kids where it was. They might of laughed a bit too hard.
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