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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
In your opinion, and your opinion is terrible so far, hmm, here we have the two "inline roller skaters", not roller skaters not inline skaters just morphs, and oh' look? no nuts.
You truly are foolish.

How is red loctite not good? You DON'T want the loctite to fail, you DONT want the axle to move. Blue loctite is not strong enough. Ideally you would want green loctite, compound 609, which is made for filling the radial discrepancy on things like bearings. It augments press fit. However it's not cheap.

Red versions are what is the best for this job at hand, no doubt what so ever. Guess what I have in my skates right now? Swapped axles. Old were pressed out new were inserted. Guess what compound was used to do this? Red loctite 263, oil tolerant version.

The assembly that fierocious1 is using HAS a locknut. It uses the standard nut with a nylock ring that nearly all kingpins use, the locknut you are fusing over, which is called a "jam nut" has been replaced by red loctite, which is more than adequate for this task.

Now let's say the loctite managed to fail... Do you know what would happen? The suspension would become loosened, NOTICEABLY. Far before any failure would happen, it would be addressed. Simply put it does not need a jam nut because of the way it is set up.

You probably still think avenger plates are bad with the way their kingpins are, even after years and years of abusive skating from derby players, session skaters, outdoor skaters, etc the amount of failures of those plates is ridiculously low. Also NONE have issues with the kingpins aside from sometimes they break, but that will happen when people put red cushions in them, crank the action down, weigh 270+ and jump large distance at high speeds.

You're just full of hate and disgust, and only wish to harass others.

Also I've been skating both quads and inlines for a long time, even ice when I get a chance, but all that is irrelevant.

Theres nothing at all wrong with using an inline boot for a quad skate. Hes not the first to have done so. The biggest issue is trying to mount them. For Fierocious1, his plate was designed to be mounted to the boot. For others, they would need an adapter plate. Maybe I should make some for my inline speed boots I dont use?
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