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Originally Posted by jackbkwikn View Post
I agree with Mort on this 1.

It's not the gear but the Motor.
Fastest guy I know skates a footy boot and 60 dollar plastic bont plate .With crappy wheels.

Oh and ursle what you posted up is U.S national records.

I'm pretty sure all the current speed records have been replaced with inline records all but 1 .Short sprint like 100 m or so still held by an Italian guy from the 80s.
Right? A slow guy on the fastest gear ever is still going to be slow. He my be faster than he was on crap gear, but it wont be by much.

While I love the plate.. the way it's made is crap. The Arius in stock form needs work, I added .005 shims(2) between the plate and the truck. One above one below, then I had the plastic axis pin sleeves upgraded to press fit brass versions that are bonded to the truck, and the axis pins a very close tolerance to the bore in the sleeves.

Then I trimmed the cushions down and removed the stabilization pins to make edging behave correctly.

Good design with a hinge, poor implementation.
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