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Originally Posted by WJCIV View Post
As long as we are tossing around ideas I have one that is more a discussion point than as serious recommendation (right now).

How about creating three spokes from the inside to a middle spacer? I have never bothered with spacers since they are a real pain, and I never saw the benefit. However, some people claim they are awesome if done correctly. The real problem is machining them to be the right size for the hub. This would allow you to contact the inner and outer races of the bearings, and allow someone to lock down the axle, which is not allowed by any other hub on the market.

The hubs wouldn't have to be terribly wide. The rest of the hub is pretty rigid, so while the hubs would add to the structure, I don't think they would take much load. I'm thinking the could go about 50% of the width of the gap between the two bearings, and a couple mm thick in the other direction.

I think it would be sufficient to use an 8mm spacer size, since the inner race of 7mm bearings are larger, so the outside diameter of the inner race is about the same as the outside diameter of those on an 8mm hub.

It would add a bit of weight, but offer something new.
You would always want your spacers to be turning at the same rpm as the as the axle --- which is ZERO.

By attaching spokes, the spacer is forced to spin with the wheel. Now you have a stationary axle, truck, and wheel nut squeezing down on two inner races with a spoked bearing spacer sandwiched in between them them.

I am sure you are beginning to see the non-functionality of this idea by now.

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