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Originally Posted by retread View Post
Hi gang....You bet Jean, maybe we (I) don't have endurance, but we can still boogie! Here's a shot I hoped to use as a profile picture, but we were shuffling too fast to focus Worpspeed Fatman!

Seriously Dave, the people who come on Sunday nights come to shuffle to organ music, not waltz. (well some do that too). As Jean said, many leave a little early, as we have long drives home. Hopefully, the rink will do well enough to continue the organ night. It has restored my soul.


You make me laugh Bob!
You said the "magic word" ..."Endurance"
That's why we don't try to keep up with the young ones anymore....
We can hold our own as "Wall Huggers", but, travel at our own pace so
"we can last the whole session" and will still have enough strength left
for Dance Steps "after" session.!
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