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Default Nice Floor, Rink Closed Set Up, Music, Yet Low on Skaters.

Hi NaNaDo, Bob,

Great pictures, and "fun having" smiles. And by the way I love that the place is lit rather than all dark for the teen crowd.

Originally Posted by NaNaDo View Post
Dave... the songs are....
"Point of No Return" - "Jeremiah was a Bull Frog" and "Joy, to the World" was the three titles that we came up with last night from Corey's video.

Thanks for the pic's Bob.... we always have a great time! It was a pleasure meeting you too last night! Like I said... "you sure do enjoy yourself"! And it's so easy to have a great time in such a beautiful rink that play's the best music on the East Coast!!! Did your friends from the Animal Shelter have a good time???

These pic's are the proof of how good skating is for ya..."while we're on the floor skating, we always 'feel' so much younger than we are"!!!!
The only problem is NOT enough skaters on that big looking floor.

With enough skaters you guys/gals will have to hug nearer to the center rather than the outside so you don't get run over.

Have Fun, and Continue to Post.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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