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Originally Posted by retread View Post
It was a pleasure meeting you and Ken last night! Yeah, my wife and my Mother say thay haven't seen me so happy in years! Anyway, Ralph Brown was the organist last night, and sure enough, it sounded like the same song started the session, although the rest of the songs in the medely were different. He says it was called "Point of No Return". Not the Kansas version

Dave... the songs are....
"Point of No Return" - "Jeremiah was a Bull Frog" and "Joy, to the World" was the three titles that we came up with last night from Corey's video.

Thanks for the pic's Bob.... we always have a great time! It was a pleasure meeting you too last night! Like I said... "you sure do enjoy yourself"! And it's so easy to have a great time in such a beautiful rink that play's the best music on the East Coast!!! Did your friends from the Animal Shelter have a good time???

These pic's are the proof of how good skating is for ya..."while we're on the floor skating, we always 'feel' so much younger than we are"!!!!
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