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Originally Posted by MANY_SkatingDave View Post
Hi NaNaDo, retread, Others,

Down in Session skating I posted a question on what are the root songs that Corey is playing in that very long time starting session organ song.

BTW Bob, I think you are supposed to be tying your skates and coming into the rink rather than skating it for 10 minutes solid.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
Hi Dave... My husband and I got a chance to meet Bob last night at Sportsman's Hall. And I'll tell ya... "He sure does enjoy skating" He's like a kid in a candy store!!! ... and he brought a small group of friends with him last night too... everyone had a great time.

Last night he did have the names for the songs Corey is playing in the video... I am sure when he logs on today he will post the information for you.

ps: Many people are already in the rink and "have their skates on" by the time the first song is being played. That's part of the excitement... "getting all pumped up for the evening"
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