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Originally Posted by MattJazz View Post
Concert was great! I had fun , nice audience. Reading rules!

Hmmmm- So I went to Fantasy before I played!
Nice floor - a little slippery. But nice.
A little smaller than I am used to. That could be the low ceiling though.

I hope I did not make to many enemies.
I was definitely going to fast. I should know better but I had a lot of pent up energy. A lot of kids going the wrong way. I noticed the guards do nothing. Cool if you are about 7 years old.

But I had a blast.

Please come down to adult skate at the palace - tue. mornings.
Great skaters and a lot of fun. I speed and there is an older speed skater there whom is just amazingly fast!!!!!!!!!

I am the one with mixed wheels - Cannibals and speed rays - yellow(orange) & red.
Please say hello.
Oh shoot, I forgot to watch the news last night, they had a nice preview of the festival on Friday.

LOL, you hit the Saturday matinee? Brave soul with all the little kids I've noticed the floor is a little slippery lately too, I thought it was just me. Tues mornings huh? I can't until summer vaca because of my kids schedules but I'll try come June.
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