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Originally Posted by MANY_SkatingDave View Post
Hi Regina, aka NaNaDo,

My idea is for you to share with the Organ Guys, Kathie's list, and have them update it. Again I am not expecting you to know as much as they do since these Organ Guys travel in a greater circle.

Forgotten Point: Yes I have seen the young 30-40 year olds and even younger come and skate hard in PA (Trexlertown) and up here in MA sometimes seeded by us supposedly older skaters. It is great to have them and it seems like they like the interaction and WE like the value they add.

Yours in Skating, born PA-Skater, MA/NY Skating Dave
Hi Dave... I e-mailed Marty this morning and he got back to me a littlle while ago. What is posted here for the Organists is just about all there is for PA ! He said it's just the 4 Organists left now. After Cornwells Skating Center sold the Organists kind of lost track of Dave Paden....

So I guess we are more Blessed than I thought... We have only 4 Organists left in our area and they all play sessions within a 10 to 60 mile radius from where I live!!! So folks... we all need to make a point when we are leaving after sessions to say a big "thank you" to our Organists. They have been very faithful, (some for 40 years now) sitting up there each and every week providing us with such a good time!!!
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