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Originally Posted by Pa SkAtEr View Post
There is a roller rink her in Waynesboro. Its called cosmic skate and play. The place is going downhill since some people that work there hate kids and they are very strict. Its no fun. But SOS was down here but it wasn't getting anythere but now we have Synergy Speed Team from VA branching down here about sometime next year.

I stopped in Cosmic while I was on tour. I thought they were really sweet.
I saw lots of kids having a great time. I tour all over so I am getting to a lot of rinks. (just in Davis CA. - cool sports complex) I have seen where they are too nice to kids. It is chaos !!!!!!!!!!
& dangerous!!!! Only thing about cosmic is when they turn off the lights it is really dark!!!!!!!!!! Love the glow stuff on the walls.

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