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There is a thread on the Adinfintum forum posted HERE. I have details and photos of my last skate build. (Click on the thread tree at the bottom of that linked page for the whole discussion)

All prices are in USD.

I bought Ace '00' trucks new - $110. Wider trucks allow grinds and stability.

I found slightly used cross country ski boots at a resale shop for $30.

Snow skis that I cut for plates, which only cost me $2 from another resale shop (so far I have cut 2 sets of plates out of 1 pair of skis).

Got a great deal on 8 B.D.S. skateboard wheels (from Claudine - another vert skater)- $50.

New $20 bearings from Academy Sporting goods store.

Special UHMW & HDPE plastics I bought for sliders / grind blocks - $25.

Various hardware / bolts & nuts - $30

If you want more sources for ideas and/or products for vert, let me know.
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