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Default SEDS The early stages

I am in the early stages of SEDS, thanks to the work that we did on my skates last week . I have been going back and forth as to what I should do about my cracked hanger on my Duper Deluxe's.

Option 1: Do I resurrect my original Chicago Gold medalist plates? Add my current 297 boots, Bones 103A wheels and Fafnir bearings?

Option 2:Or do I have the Snyder hanger and one of my cups on another hanger fixed and stick with the setup?

Option 3:Or do I have them fixed and change out the wheels and bearings to the Qube ceramics and the Dubz wheels?

Or option 4: Put my Gold Medalists back on, retire the Snyders and just go with a new Jam skate set up?

At least now I know what I am dealing with, SEDS.

Now I can seek professional help.....Hey Doc when are you available

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