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Originally Posted by chuckboucher View Post
Small world Ryan. I used to do group rides with you to Susie-Qs in Scituate almost a decade ago when you had the Kawi Z-1000, if memory serves me.

I've been a skater most of my life. Mostly inline speed skating now, but I do have a couple of pairs of quads.

If you're looking for the best adult night, you'll have to hike up to Skateland in Haverhill, MA on Thursday evenings. There aren't any rinks local to us (I'm in Blackstone). You have to drive at least 30 minutes, unless you want to count United Skates of America in Rumford, RI. Their sessions are listed as 14 & under and adults, telling me that they've had issues with teenagers. It's an odd rink, shaped like a track, with the concessions and games on the center.
small world indeed! did you ride the minty red 900rr at first then upgrade?

I've been to a the place in RI and had a lot of fun with my son and nephew but the novelty has worn's more of an entertainment center for birthday parties where you can skate if you want...rather then a rink. I went this weekend and it was like skating in rush hour traffic.

A friend used to (still does?) go to roller kingdom in Hudson...i grew up at roller kingdom in woonsocket and I felt like I was walking into a time capsule when I met with the GM yesterday....I am going to head up there soon despite the ride's almost an hour, I am in Lincoln, RI.

I stumbled across this place online's around 45mins from me....says have Speed Practice on Tuesday nights...that's what I'm talking about!

From what I could tell...the owner is a lifelong skater who's childhood dream was to own a rink....he bought the silver city skate rink(i forget the real name) and is fulfilling it

I think skating is coming back...which is pretty cool

I stopped riding when my son was born...i didn't think I'd have enough self control to stay alive. I feel like I do now but made a career change a couple years ago and can't afford a car that doesn't have my company name on the side of it...never mind a bike!

I had been thinking about skating for awhile and when my mother bought my son and nephew skate that pushed me over the edge....

Now that I am back skating a light bulb went off...this is where my obsession with racing really I get to scratch that itch too...

Where do you skate? What style? You have 3're pretty serious about this...
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