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Originally Posted by Jinx View Post
Lots of great info here! i will have to try all of that. When I try to jump with just shoes/socks on with both feet into the air and do a full 360 I dont quite make it all the way around (haven't tried your arm stuff YET tho) and i usually am bending at some point cuz i can feel totally off axis when i land like i'm going to fall over.

I will try the bench thing at some point, so i can kneel down as long as i keep my back straight?

for the boots, it sounds like reidells are not the king of the boots in artistic then? Are these other brands more comfy? I May stick with this one if its going to be too expensive to get something else, i just have slightly wider feet. But I HAVE to have a roll-line plate i just love em.

The thing about wheels.. I think the artist club at my rink skates on em, one of the skaters (his name is kelly, i dont know his last name, he's a friend of josh's) he had em and loved them at first, then 3-4 weeks later i asked him again and he told me he totally flat spotted them badly, and was going back to roll-lines.. So i'm not sure anymore these giotto's were loaned to me, with the understanding i may buy them from him for 70-80 bucks eventually, but for now he's letting me just use them, and its the only thing i have besides another pair of canibals.. Remember I was into speed skatin before, so i'm lucky to have had all this stuff loaned to me (been jobless for 4 years now). But i'm in the process of selling everything I own (which is all mostly junk, but should fetch me enough for a pair of roll line mariners or mistrals and maybe a not to uncomfortable boot.. (tho i have no clue how i'd ever be able to test it before i buy it).

thank you for all your advice guys.. I may never get that great, but I like the sight of some of this stuff and to be able to accomplish it will be very nice for me.

I'm currently trying to follow the advice in this video as she seems to set it out pretty well step by step, i figure if i practiced each step enough, i might eventually be able to do this in my bare feet soon? (though i do understand this might be for ICE skating, and may not translate over to roller?)
On the off-skates 360 jump, once you get the upper body rotating correctly it will go around. You're just at that point where you will eventually have that "oh yeah" moment.

With the jumping drill, you want your back straight like it would be for an actual jump. You want to squat down a little and jump. You won't be squatting down to a speed position (quads parallel to floor) but like a natural jumping bend. And it's not a slow jump. It should be the same "explosive" jump as a skating jump.

Regarding wheels, if you asked me to rank them I would probably say Komplex and then Roll-line. I like Roll-line wheels but they just wear REALLY fast, they flat extremely easily and they are expensive.

On the axel video, this is a preference thing.... I went to a freestyle clinic in January and they were teaching an axel the "ice skating way" where the hands come down towards the waste and you throw them up and forward. I just couldn't do it... Now, I gave it a month of trying this "ice skating way" and it just doesn't work for me so I went back to the "roller skating way" or maybe it's the old-school-roller-skating-way. Your results may very.

The axel is a jump you are REALLY going to want to work off-skates a lot!!

The things I do for my legs to get them strong are: The jumping drill, speed position drill (feet shoulder width apart, squat to where quads are parallel to floor, back up, hold for x amount of time.) Lunges (step forward, back knee almost touching ground directly behind front foot, step forward and reverse.) I also try to do a lot of core work: planks, sit-ups, etc. You really need a strong core to jump.
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