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Default I think I may want to be here!

Hi all.. I'm formerly from the Quad skate forum. I wanted to say hi and just give a little novel about me and my thoughts here..

I'm 34, a little bit overweight but not bad...I started getting back into skating about 3 years ago. Had the doc build me a couple pairs of skates, i've been on a custom build the past 2 years, Its a bont speed boot with Roll-line Navigators plates, at the recommendation of the old manager (no longer there) at the rink i skate at.

Anyways In those skates, somewhere along the line, i saw a few people (who were not really artistic skaters) do some simple little things like waltz jumps and so i started to toy around with them since i can do 180 jumps on both feet pretty well. Well i'm no pro with this waltz jump thing, but that old manager of the rink (who goes by the name of Joshua Rhoads) was showing me some basics like how to try to keep my back straight, a mapes i think it was called, and the salchow (which i'm very terrible at both). ANYWAYS i've started trying to push myself a little more each time and I think I might kind of like this stuff.. I'm not really much better than when i started learning a year ago, but i keep trying.

I've recently been loaned a more artistic style boot (which is hard as heck inside, and not that comfortable, i think its a reidell?) with some Sure grip century plates (which dont hold a candle to my Nav's) and someone else happened to have a pair of roll line giotto's wheels laying around so i threw em together and created a rough artistic boot.. I've found that somehow I feel i have a tiny bit more confidence in this boot. As akward as it is to skate, I feel like my little waltz jump i can take at a slightly faster speed.. I've also kind of started to learn to whip my body around a little faster. Although i'm a dissapointed when i see a video of me doing it since a waltz jump is pretty small and not much turning. I know i'm not ready for more yet, I cant even do a full rotation in my bare feet without tipping over. But I think the heel in these loaned boots help some how... I cant explain it, i just feel a bit more straight, not a lot, but something helps.

Anyways I hope lots of questions wont be too annoying here, espically beginner questions like What is this edge thing and how do i start practicing it? or, How the heck do these people get 1-2 feet off the ground, i jump as hard as i can and i only get about 2 inches! or How the heck do i launch higher up with my jump ANd get a fast spin, cuz i feel like i can either do one or the other, but not both!... Those kinds of things..

Just a skater who likes to skate, but being able to do some of these cool things with my body would feel pretty invigorating to me. Right now my Goal is a single axel and a Loop jump. All i'm practicing though is small waltz jumps at various speeds without falling over, and right foot 2 wheel counter-clock pivots (whatever those are called). I always kind of lean to the side when i turn from backwards to fowards....

Anyways Thanks for reading, I applaud all of your for being able to do this stuff and hope I can learn some too.
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