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No Sunday skate due to Mother's day. So monday at Moonlight. Both knees felt good! My ankle though, for some reason was hurting pretty bad. Can't imagine why. Should have been a good night skating, but, was pretty blah. The music was not good. They really need to get a few new, well not necessarily new, but different songs in the mix. A few good songs might have made the night better, but I get the sense that even that may not have mattered. I have had to take it easy skating for going on 3 months. Knee hurting, ankle hurting, other knee hurting, ankle hurting, etc, etc. Well, I take that back. I did have one pretty decent night. The mega rum and coke night. Nothing hurt that night, though it was a little harder to stay on my skates. That reminds me, need more rum. While I am liking the Bont Invaders, I am kind of wishing I had gone the other way. Seba inlines.

The inlines I used to have, K2 moto, had 90mm wheels and a wheelbase that went on for days. The Seba is only 243mm. And if I rocker the wheels, my wheelbase at any given time will be 81mm. 81mm!!! (with rockered wheels, you can only have 2 wheels down at a time) I knew about rockered wheels before, but the effective wheelbase just dawned on me recently. (duh) Now I bet I could have some fun with that. It would also make my damaged left ankle less of a factor for skating because of the support from the boot. The tiny effective wheelbase would hopefully play nice with my knees. Not too much torque twisting a small wheelbase, vs trying to twist long inlines, like the Moto I had. My style would be the same, backward curvey, with 180's and 360's, but done in a different style on a different skate. Hmmm. Gotta check out the finances.
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