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Default Thursday 06May2011 Skateland Adult Skate

Hi KMA, Tuesday,

It wasn't that crowded tonight and we mostly had good/long time experienced skaters. Shoot sometimes only 3 to 5 weak skaters can make things difficult.

The music in spots was not that good for me and a few, yet the Owner DJ always mixes things up and some others may have liked it. Too Loud for such a small crowd and just a tad down would have been better.

Ben and also Adam did very nice Coffin moves (shoot the turkey in the extreme) and I sure wish they would post a YouTube so we could use it as a Reference. I kind of wonder what happened to some of our other young people that came a lot about two years ago. Probably other stuff in their lives. One I see every so often named MikeL did show up and I always love to see him.

One new gal was trying to learn spins and our Toe Spin Master showed her how and then I got our other standard spin-spin forever Master to also try to show her. She even used the Tree Hug spin technique I told her about and did quite well. Still she is spreading her legs too far from the center.

All the regulars of years clash hands or slap hands just to recognize each other as we skate. And our Siren Blade Man was on Time for his Siren Run

All in All a nice night, I even chased young Tim for awhile yet still my knee made me not keep up to this pretty good speed skater.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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