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Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
I don't know what my deal is with JB skating. I don't like it. It is like it is not skating. I usually skate backwards at an average to fairly fast speed. But my knee and ankle have been bothering me SO much lately, I need to ease up on my hard cornering, traveling 360, kind of skating, but I just can't seem to warm up to JB skating. I mean, I want to, but just cannot get into it. I mean, I skate to the music as it is, but just don't seem to want to do it staying in one place.
I'd still rather do JB style than jam. Sorry to those who do jam skating, but to me, if you can do the moves without skates, what's the point of doing them on skates? JB your feet out of skates just don't move the same way, so I think it's more...I don't even know how to phrase it...but it's better than jam.

I'll take a fun shuffle over either any day.
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