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Originally Posted by Holiday Guy View Post
I do Jam Skating and some Richard Humphrey moves I love it.
I don't know what my deal is with JB skating. I don't like it. It is like it is not skating. I usually skate backwards at an average to fairly fast speed. But my knee and ankle have been bothering me SO much lately, I need to ease up on my hard cornering, traveling 360, kind of skating, but I just can't seem to warm up to JB skating. I mean, I want to, but just cannot get into it. I mean, I skate to the music as it is, but just don't seem to want to do it staying in one place. I would like to do some couples stuff, but the last time I thought I had a partner, we talked about dance skating, SHE meant JB skating. Kinda killing the buzz I SHOULD be getting now that I have my Invader DA45's on a Bont. *Sigh*. For some reason my blue cushions on the Invader/Bont seem more responsive than on my Magnum/Rebel. Probably because my heel is being held so well, and the whole rest of my foot too. Owing to my ankle issues, I am going back to all yellows on my Invader/Bont. I would put a purple barrel and yellow cone in, but I loaned my only purples to a lady. I need to get those back and let her have a set of yellow cushions. I need more stability, at least until my ankle gets better, not the turn and burn of all blue. Guess I will revive my DA45 Cushion Saga as I look to tune for more stability and "enough" turning ability.
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