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Oh yeah, the music there REALLY sucks. I'm never without my iPod (like everyone else), everyone's dancing to different music, but it's still fun. Tomorrow will be Central Park for me, not Rollermagic. There's MANY quad skaters in the park for dance skating. Pads are good. I bought some volleyball knee pads for outdoors, they're less cumbersome, and I actually broke my arm in three places WITH hard pads on (years ago-skate park). If you haven't and your committed, check out CPDSA on weekends. It's a great way to spend the day. My favorite part is skating back to Grand Central through the city at night. I forgot how fun that is. You'll love skating outdoors. I spent my entire childhood on crappy K-mart quads skating outside all day long. The derby girls want me to do derby, but I'm too skinny, I think I'd break, what's your take on derby? I've never actually gone to a match. Anyway, I'm just blabbing now. I feel like I never grew up, I got a job to support my compulsive skating habit. Nice to meet you.
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