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Hello! Sweet. I live in Highland and sometimes skate Wooden Wheel. I'm a slalom skater and am trying to get a slalom community going in my neck of the woods. Rollermagic is the better scene around here, because Saturday night all the old school hot dogs come out and skate. They're all on roller skates, I'm on inlines, sometimes we trade skates and have a blast. What type of skating are you into?

We are starting a slalom scene Tuesday nights at 7:30 at the Caboose on the Highland side of the Walkway Over The Hudson. Beginners totally welcome. The Walkway Over The Hudson is FANTASTIC for inlines. I've also invited some of the local derby girls to skate slalom after their Tuesday night practice is done (sometime in August). Seriously, check out Rollermagic Saturdays 7:30. But be sure to check website at times they close for Derby.

On another note...Central Park Dance Skate Association on weekends 2:45-6:45
Sooooooo fun! If I'm not at Rollermagig on Saturday nights, I'm usually there. Close by the dance circle is slalom.

Honestly I set up cones at the Walkway almost every weeknight 7:30, but always Tuesday with rain day Wednesday 7:30. Stop by!
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