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Question Blue Streak boots: your thoughts?

Now that these boots have been out a little while I'd love to hear what anyone here who has tried them think of them in every respect - quality, durability, fit, anything you have to say!

Basically I need to go up half a size from my current 126's, and want to get a better boot too whilst I'm at it. The Blue Streaks look and sound great, but I don't live near a store and have to purchase online, so it's hard to try them out first - this is how I've ended up with too-small boots in the first place. I'm going to have the boots made to the Gamma last (D/B) so they're same width as my 126's, just a half-size longer.

On that note I'd be particularly interested in your thoughts on length, as I've heard that many skaters have sized down a half-size in these compared to other Riedells..

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