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The jump between Twisters/FR's to Highs (even High Lights) are quite marginal in my opinion. If you are planning to upgrade the Twisters, I'd say go straight for the carbon boots, otherwise I'd stick with the Twisters for a while longer.

The Trix/KSJ's are the lighter of the two. The Trix/KSJ's has a special cuff design which gives it quite a lot of freedom bending forwards and backwards, which is both a selling point and a deterrent for individual skaters. The iGors are a pair of extremely solid and stiff boots, with much less flexibility around the ankle area.

If you are also impartial to brands, the Powerslide flagship boot, HC Evo are a pair of carbon boots, with weights comparable to the KSJ/Trix. It tends to have a much lower price point than Seba equivalents but the savings depend on where you are from. The HC Evo does not quite look as nice in my opinion and has a normal plastic cuff, however it is still a top quality product and also used by current competitors in slalom.

If you haven't rockered your skates yet - I'd recommend you get to it ASAP. Tricks are much easier to learn on rocker and you'd find the extra maneuverability super useful for your old tricks as well

EDIT: I'm editing to say that it's not a bad idea to jump into an intermediate skate between liner skates and carbon boots. If you are happy with the skates then there is no reason to stop you!
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