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Originally Posted by kentek View Post
Talking about macadam (asphalt) surface condition.

How much more effort to maintain same speed on rough surface over smooth?
I think about 15-20%. I can only tell by my perceived effort and HR.

I find it a joy to be on something smooth, a rare occurrence here in Camarillo, CA.

That sounds about right for the difference between smooth road and coarse but unbroken.

Once you get into broken pavement (pot holes, cracks, tar snakes, etc) it can be as much as 50% because it becomes impossible to maintain a consistent stride. Gatorback (extremely coarse asphalt) can also do that. Broken gatorback is the stuff of nightmares.

IMHO, training is reasonably neutral on the pavement condition as long as it is unbroken. If you can maintain consistent form, it is still good training. You just go slower.
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