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Originally Posted by kufman View Post
A couple ideas that I don't believe anybody does.

-Measure achilles tendon angle with respect to vertical and use to place mounting blocks at proper angle. Not everyone's legs are straight vertical.
That would be good. It should not be necessary to use wedges with a custom boot.

Originally Posted by kufman View Post
-Support boots from the bottom using more 3-d shaping to the carbon and don't wrap carbon up next to ball of the foot or pinky toe (soft toe box).
The soft toe box is how boots were always made until the more recent "carbon bowl" approach took over. Early difficulties with forefoot discomfort in my Pinnacle Elites made me think I should have saved not just money but also my feet if I chosen to get RT's.

Originally Posted by kufman View Post
-Use some padding around ankle bone and to the sides of the achilles tendon instead of straight carbon. The foot needs to be able change shape to some degree while you skate.
Older boots, including my Wolfs, often had a notch with padding but no carbon over the achilles. Achilles pillows seem to be out of fashion these days.
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