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Originally Posted by tjyven View Post
Interesting insights Kufman! Have you seen anyone doing casting the way you think it should be done?
Ok, here is my list.

Kaiser - Most detailed molds. Separate mold for the bottom of the foot. Uses the same material that dentists use when they make impression of your teeth. Can't remember if he uses full body weight or forced alignment of the knee. His boots are more love'em of hate'em as far as I can tell.

Brad Harper (EdgeTek) - Two piece molds with wedge I believe. I don't think he uses full body weight and he forces the leg alignment.

Bont - This is usually done as a self casting unless you live near a rep. The instructions recommend standing on a folded up towel with body weight. I don't recall whether or not it says to force align the leg. The down side is that you have to cut the mold off. On the bright side, it isn't plaster but rather a resin soaked sock.

McDaniel - Two piece molds that don't have to be cut off. Soft wedge under foot to get pitch and arch. Full body weight. Unfortunately, boot quality is bad and fall apart quickly. I don't think he makes boot anymore

Simmons - See Above

Pinnacle - Good idea for molding as he uses vacuum to pull the cast around the foot. I believe he uses a wedge under the foot. Uses at least partial body weight. Does force leg alignment and molds have to be cut off.

A couple ideas that I don't believe anybody does.

-Measure achilles tendon angle with respect to vertical and use to place mounting blocks at proper angle. Not everyone's legs are straight vertical.

-Support boots from the bottom using more 3-d shaping to the carbon and don't wrap carbon up next to ball of the foot or pinky toe (soft toe box).

-Use some padding around ankle bone and to the sides of the achilles tendon instead of straight carbon. The foot needs to be able change shape to some degree while you skate.
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