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Originally Posted by kufman View Post
My personal opinion (I own a pair of his customs) is that Dave makes a few mistakes too.

1. Little weight on feet results in ankle pockets being too high which causes pain on the bottom of the ankle bone. Also results in the incorrect arch height, foot length, and foot width.

2. Forced leg alignment it not correct for everyone. People with bowed legs will not skate with their knees inline with their big toes.

3. Tightly wrapped plaster around toes and little weight on foot results in too narrow of a foot bed.

4. No wedging to create 10mm pitch. Simmons doesn't do 10mm pitch anyway, usually 5 to 7 unless you request otherwise, but there should be something under there.

5. Cast gets damaged when foot is removed. May result in goofy ankle angles.

Again, just my opinion from experience.

Interesting insights Kufman! Have you seen anyone doing casting the way you think it should be done?
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