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Well, for starters, skating with your daughter, you really don't need "top of the line" skates. Yes, they're nice to have, and yes, they generally do last longer, but for one who is currently skating at a rink, almost anything will do. Just DON'T get Chicago's!

In your price range, there are quite a few skates available. A good set of outdoor wheels are Moxi's. They're only around $50-70 for a set of 8, have a good durometer, and as long as you remember to rotate them, should last a while. Boots, however, don't really matter as much. However, the Moxi skates (mostly bright colors and some "animal print" vegan-friendly ones) are actually built for outdoor skating and - of course - can be used indoors as well. The plates they come with are typically much more sturdy than a traditional indoor skate. The lower end ones are in your price range...and you can order them from your rink ('tis the season! A lot of rinks often have skate sales this time of year).

Ultimately, the brand/style you get really comes down to what YOU like. You can always adjust your plates, change your wheels, stops or toe plugs (or go without), etc. There are quite a few experts on here who recommend various ones, but these are people who often don't have quite as limited of a budget as most of us...and that's great, for them. You could easily spend $100 on skates and an extra set of wheels, or you could spend thousands (wish I had the cash to get the ones I REALLY want!!)...but it truly does come down to what pleases you. Have them measure you at the rink, whether you actually buy them from the rink or not...get a range of sizes (some rinks often have skate brand specific measurements as each brand can be slightly different)....then...pick which ones you like in the size you like. If you're a half size in the ones you like, get one size larger. You can use lamb's wool in the toe for a better fit if needed.

As for vinyl boots stretching, I got my one and only pair of vinyls when I was 12...and used them until I was in my 30's! Sadly, they got water damage or I'd still have them now. I never had a problem with them stretching over time...though leather is much more comfortable and they "breathe" better, leather, of course, is more expensive than vinyl or any other "man-made" type.

The biggest thing to remember when getting skates - no matter what brand or where you eventually buy them from - PLAY with them! Check this link for the parts: You won't necessarily need the toe guard, of course, but that's all the parts and where they go. Anyway, a skate should NEVER be skated "straight out of the box". Make sure all the bits and pieces are screwed on properly (toe stop/toe plug, the wheels, and the action nut) and reasonably tight. The last thing you want is to put on your new skates...and fall because a lock nut fell off and your wheel rolled away! Bring your tool(s) to the rink. Hit the floor and try a few laps, crossing over, doing some serious turns and stops (if you're up to that point yet), etc. Then adjust the parts as needed. With a fixed toe stop, you're kind of out of luck, they are what they are, but with an adjustable, try moving it up or down a bit to see what you like. Loosen and/or tighten the action nut a bit (this controls how easy it is to turn)...skate a few more laps...adjust so it's comfortable to YOU. Also remember, there should be SOME play on the wheels - you crank them down too much and you'll be walking instead of rolling (and possibly damaging the bearings!)...too loose and the axle can get stripped and the lock nut - and your wheel - will fall you do want to play around a LITTLE with the wheel, just not as much as you would with the action nut or an adjustable toe stop.

As for videos...there are HUNDREDS on YouTube, so it really depends on exactly what you're looking for. Look them up by subject...from basic "How to Roller Skate" videos to "How to Backward Skate", they've got them...and many more!

Good luck!
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