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Wink About myself..

Q: What is your interest in artistic skating? Are you a skater, former skater, potential skater, parent of a skater, competition judge, federation member, rink owner, skate manufacturer, member of the media, or just a big fan of the sport?

A: I'm a skater, but my family didn't start me, well kinda, I used to just skate session. My family skates competitivly.. on my mom's side.. but my dad's side did too (not anymore). My parents met at the rink. My dad was (who's now) my aunt's dance partner. She told him that her sister was coming home from college.. and the rest is history. I started when I was in the third grade.. but then quit 6 months later. (That's the one thing I most regret.) Started up again, last day of 6th grade.. now I'm entering sophmore year in HS.

Q: What country, state or province, and neightborhood are you from?

Portland Oregon, USA

Q: Where do you usually skate?

THE Oaks Amusement Park Roller Skating Rink

Q: Do you only skate for fun or do compete? If you compete, what events have you participated in? If you don't compete, do you have any interest in doing so?

I compete. But I mostly skate for fun (sessions and stuff), I compete because I kinda have to.. they won't let me jump during session.

Q: What skates, frames, and wheels do you skate on?

Figures: Risport boots, Atlas plates, and Giotto wheels.

Freestyle: Reidell boots, Snyder super delux plates, and Panther wheels.

(My skates are old [freestyle about 20, figure about 15] but.. free!! When my other aunt Amy on my dad's side quit skating, she just happened to have the same size foot as me.. so she dug them out of storage and gave them to me.) No. My freestyle skates are not heavy.

Q: What else can you tell us about youself? What are your favorite hobbies and recreational activities outside of skating?

I don't do much. I skate. Go to school. Go to church. Go to work. Eat. Sleep. That's about it. I also work in the rink too.. in the snackbar. I'm birthday party queen.

But I LOVE 20th century history.. so skating in a historic 101-year-old rink is perfect

Oh, and I'm a HUGE die-hard fan of back to the future.

[CENTER][SIZE="1"]"If the good Lord had intended us to walk, he wouldn't have invented roller skates." - Willy Wonka[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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