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Smile this does not apply to this post but

I have gone to one skate to skate four different events..figures loops figures and dance..may not be the best for each individual event but it gets you buy easily..the setup:

Roll Line Dance plate, with the Natural Rubber Yellow cushiions..

any good brand of bearings..I think I'm on some old 8 ball, metal cages bearings..I know they must be at least 20 years old.

Berry "touch" Freestlye/Figure boot.

Bones 103A Wheels..

I have found I can do real loops with these skates..turn figures and Dances, solo dances, freestyle jumps and spins...Good luck with hudors or any skates people want to buy...just am tired of having 4 different skates for each discipline...In the old days 70's i skated on one plate and boot for dance and figures for 10 years on the same stuff..never wore out..Reidell Gold Star boots, custom fitted for each foot, Synder Imperial Plates..Fafnir steel bearing and Excalibur roller skate wheels..I think they were made by crest...could be!
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