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Originally Posted by sunriver61 View Post
Recently was outfitted with a set of Hudor Lite Figure plates on a new pair of Risport (something-or-other model that escapes me right now figure boots). Man, forgot what breaking in fugure boots was like...

Anyway, absolutely love the plates. Responsive when you want them to be, and will "toe" the line with hardly any effort. Skater's Oasis in FL was incredible to work with, unlike another company that blew me off at nationals this year...

I'm just wondering if there were any figure skaters out here that are using the new Hudor's? I believe it's a re-branding of the old Hudora line (but not sure on that).

I'd love to hear about any experiences/comments about these as well.
interesting I was thinking of the old hudora plates also, was thinking u couldn't get parts. out of skating so don't see new things, good luck with them. must have been rolline lol
Ciao Rick
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