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Originally Posted by jbgerman View Post
Actually you should have one pair of skates, my view. Aim should be to accustom to the skates, like that they get virtually a part of you. Skating is muscle memory.
I know I am an unusual athlete as compared to most people I know personally in my ability to adapt to almost any sport. Like throwing a football, baseball, or shooting a basketball. Even though the balls are very different it is possible to be decent at throwing all of them.

As far as skating goes I have asked around here when I was considering going back to quads from inline skates if anyone could do both. One of them is the OP of this thread - @Oicusk82huh - who claimed she could skate both kinds. So...I tried it and it is absolutely no problem.

I can go from quads to inline skates and back again with about a 10-second period for my brain to figure out which skates are on my feet. And I can pick up any of 4 skateboards (longboards) I own, all very different setups, and skate them without a moment of adaptation.

Let me confess that I skated quads for 25 years, then inline skates for 25 years, and skate at a near-professional level on either type of skate - 100% out of doors. I never tried mixing them until a couple years ago. Absolutely no problem. In fact, my quads skate better over twigs and on wet surfaces, my inline skates are better around rocks and dry surfaces, trolly or train tracks, and various surfaces. So I just choose the skate for the surface I plan to skate the session.

I will agree with you about the ONE kind of skate if I were actually getting paid to perform a sport on skates as a figure skater or hockey player. But even then, as a former speed skater it sure came in handy to also play hockey and have that extra kind of balance when things go crazy. Knowing how to skate backwards saved me a brutal crash on speed skates one time!

Perhaps @Oicusk82huh and I are rare super-human skaters but I kinda believe that several kinds of skates only makes us better at every one of them, and certainly reduces boredom with only one kind of skating. @Oicusk82huh and I can both skate freestyle slalom on quads or inline skates without missing a beat. I admit that she is much more dedicated to that sport than I am and my moves are infantile, but she confessed to me that she was competent on either type of skate.

Wasn't expecting to make such a long post! The point is: You can't have too many skates in my opinion!
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