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Default What's up with Berry Skates?

Yeah, what's up with Berry Artistic Skates? I sold my old beginner skates so that I could build my dream Riedell skates.

Now everyone I know tells me that they have at least 4 pairs of skates. That's all I needed to hear. Just one more pair (for a total of two) would be amazing. Plus my Riedells are suede with delicate artwork on them, so I'm not sure I want to use them outside. I'd rather use leather for that. So I troll EBAY constantly, just to see what's out there in my size.

But that's besides the point. I love those Berry Skates SOOOOOO much. Why is there website so weird? Every product says out of stock, so I click the "tell me when they are available" link, and they are never available.

And also, what's up with these sizes???

My Riedell insoles measures at 267mm (that's a mens 7). Do you guys have any comparisons, like do you have a riedell AND either an EDEA, Risport or Berry boot? What's the size comparison??? Like basically, if you measured your Riedell insole, how does it compare to the stated measurements of the Boots measured in millimeters?

I think I'd be either a 270 or a 275. I like my boots tight. I had initially bought a size 7 1/2 riedell, but it was too big. Just 5mm makes a huge difference to me. Do you guys feel similarly?
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