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Default Oysi frames on Seba, USD, K2, Rollerblade skates?

I used to skate in San Diego during the rollerblading height of the middle 90's and rode for Rollerblade and then K2. I used Fatty's at the end before I left the scene, and now coming back in my mid 30s !

Can you guys help with some buying advice?

I'm size 11.5 and not that many brands making half sizes.

I was thinking to get a flat setup for my transportation style riding ~ 75% of the time in LA, and try the 20-stair rail next to my house as a first challenge, then the Venice skatepark.
- K2 un-naturals or Rollerblade NJ5 or Seba CJ or USD Carbon/Carbon Free
- Oysi Frame
- Ground Control 72mm outer / GC 59mm inner for flat

Any experience with any of the boots above or the Oysi frame riding flat with the mixed wheel sizes?

Sorry for all the questions. Have to start off like a noob after 20 years out of the scene

Thanks for the real world feedback p
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