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Default Possible New Stage?

Well I have been skating for almost a year now (I skated on weekends when I was under 13, now I'm 35) and I'm positive I have every stage of SEDS. In a year I have collected 9 pairs of boots (size 11-11 1/2), about 200 sets of bearings (all brands and ratings), 21 sets of plates (plus the ones on the boots), and 83 sets of wheels plus a box of singles. I have also built my niece an indoor and an outdoor set of skates as well as the same set up for my nephew. I put together a set for my older brother. I buy for other people without their knowledge or consent. But now I might have gone off the deep end. I built my wife a set of skates. Riedell 172 boots with the shearling tongue dyed to match the Annabolix Purple Reign wheels with polished hubs. I added Bones Swiss Ceramic bearings to those. I put Powerdyne Arius plates on them that I had the red anodizing removed and re-anodized to match the Purple Reign wheels. They looked amazing. And guess what? My wife does not even skate and has no desire to. So I think I have entered the 4th stage.... Buying for people who don't even skate. The only solution I can think of, I bought my way into this mess I must be able to buy my way out. If you have stuff to sell let me know. Mostly interested in wheels. Thanks.
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