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Originally Posted by coolryder68 View Post
Hi Doc
My names Bill

Hi Bill.

I have been skating off and on for over 30 yrs. I competed in speed in the eighties. I love to tinker with my skates. I machined custom pivot cups for my altima plates

Not familiar with Altima?? Got pix??

and mounted da45 trucks with good results. also I changed the hangers on my cyclone plates with classic hangers and trucks.

Did that not shorten the wheelbase??

My latest build is custom plates I machined with 7mm sure grip trucks.

Again, pix would be good. Here is how to do the pix on skatelog. I'm interested in seeing your work.

They are mounted to Vanilla Freestyles with Atom poison alloys. Is there a chart that shows which trucks are compatible with different plates?

Not that I am aware of. The whole thing about doing frankenplates is basically "cut and try." I have figured out all of the ones I have done on my own. T
his is a pretty advanced skill in some cases requiring access to obscure parts to pull it off easily. Of course, having a huge inventory of the afore mentioned obscure sk8 parts is handy when planning a new conversion.
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."
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