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Originally Posted by Zacariah View Post
Hi Doc,

I'm looking at mounting a pair of vans skate shoes, but the sole is very thin/flexible rubber, so i'm thinking of using a 1.2mm thick piece of aluminium cut to the shape of the innersole.

Interesting. I was going to do that to a pair of DCs for a local sk8r but we tried it without first and had no issues I was aware of. Just off the top of my head, I don't think it would be too comfortable.

I just wanted to ask your advice and see if you had any other ideas on what i could do. At the moment i'm just trialling countersinking a normal countersunk bolt into it, but by the time you countersink it so it's flush you're not left with much meat and i'm worried this would be almost as likely to pull through as the rubber sole.

Look up Tee nuts. They seem to be the ticket to mounting that type of shoe to a plate. I mount everything I build with tee nuts except for a very few rare cases.

I've spent a bit of time searching but can't seem to find any information on anyone doing this, so maybe it's not the greatest idea?

This issue is not the mount as much as it is the shoe structure.

heaps of people seem to glue carbon fibre to the bottom of the shoe but that isn't going to help stop the bolts from pulling through.

Heaps?? I must be falling behind in my reading. I am aware of just a couple of folks that claim to be successful. The thing you missed about the carbon fiber sole additions is the main purveyor of same likes to glue the plate to the other other side of the carbon fiber. Nothing to pull through.

In addition, I don't recollect him using just carbon fiber. The preferred materiel is a carbon fiber / plywood composite called Dragon Plate.

If Tee nuts don't solve your problem... well, you want to shoot Armadillo a PM. He claims to be the master of gluing sk8s together. I'm sure he can walk you through his process.
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