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Originally Posted by Jinx View Post
I practiced a little more on the lutz tonight.. as I was doing it i was trying to think in another thread some comparing it to a mapes, granted i do my napes very very open with my left foot sideways, its almost like a waltz jump off a toe stop.. So towards the end I started to think of a mapes as i practicing.. But what happened was i did more kind of a salchow I would plant my right foot and instad of immediately jumping up and trying to turn in the air (as i had been doing and bending and falling and not making it all the way around) I kind of give a little pivot off the right toe stop, turning probably 1/8th or little more just before launching off it.. I was considering this a 'cheat' and am not super proud of it, but I'm wondering if its okay to use this tactic to just get better at all the little peices.. I still cant land it correctly, but i was almost able to keep my right foot down...

Ultimately after a few more botched landings later my right foot's arch got REALLY sore after one landing, I think i'm just not used to that heel, and every step was immediatley painful, i think i brushed up in the arch area so i was done for the night...

But i wonder if that cheat is acceptable to learn with or should i try not to do that, and go back to crash and burn without the little toestop pivot?
I kinda liked your lutz.

The only 2 things I would change are:

1) in the video your right arm is completely pointing behind you. This is sort of blocking the rotation. I would put the right arm more to the side. You want that L with your arms, left arm in front, right arm to side.

2) just a touch of a spin on the right toe-stop. It should be a hair quicker.

The only problem with using "cheats" to learn something is then you are learning bad habits. Trust me...I know that one first hand! :-)

But to be honest, it looks pretty damn good. I think you will be hitting it pretty quick.
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