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Congrats on the loss, it really shows you've worked at it in the pic! Sometimes you will plateau and not lose a pound for your life. That indicates it's "time to mix it up" - trick your body so it does not process the foods in the same ole' way, keep it guessing, and keep the metabolism working. Changing diet foods will kick up your losses when combined with exercise. Try limiting foods to low glycemic index foods (like those for stabilizing diabetes thru diet), or even diets like the south beach can be of benefit (south beach is similar to atkins only less or no fat - I'm personally not a huge fan of atkins, too much fat, besides look where old mr. atkins is now-a-days). Of course, you can do these different diets short term, but then look to balance your every day diet in the process to a more healthy diet, maybe incorporating some of the key dietary things. You'll find in the diets mostly high-proteins and low-carb fruits & veggies, nuts, and minimizing diary products( as best possible), etc., these foods will help fuel your losses. Ween yourself off of any starches (potatoes, rice, white breads).

You pointed out eliminating coke's, and are correct in doing so - seriously who puts 10 teaspoons of sugar in a normal drink - add it up that's a lot of sugar! (1 tsp of sugar is 16 cal). Coke zero is a better choice when you need a carbonation fix, or try Zevia cola(cols made with natural stevia sweetener, also 0 cal.

Best of luck, keep rolling and those pounds will roll right off, too!
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