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Iím interested in some recent opinions here too. I posted about where to mount a plate earlier this week and got some strong responses. There should be some similarly robust options about angles I suppose.

From what Iíve read a higher angle is thought to be more mavouvreable but less stable, so I suppose it depends what you want from your skating. As a shuffle/dance skater it seems to suggest. DA45 would work for you.

Iíve just changed from a 10 degree to a 16 degree, but I mostly just skate around, beginning to try some 3 turns and jumps. I canít tell if the 16 degree is more or less stable than the 10 degree, more or less maniuvreable as I changed wheels at the same time, but from everything Iíve read a DA45 would probably not be great for what I skate (although might help me in lessons when we get onto the shuffle stuff, Iím really poor at this. I know itís the skater not the skate in this instance so maybe I need all the help I can get!)
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