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Default UPDATE on new purchase.

After a lot of going in circles (in my head) went and bought a pair of Seba TRix 2 90 skates.
I upgraded them with the Seba Deluxe frame and UnderGround Chamelleon 88a wheels.

We had some sun so I could go out right away when I got home. Here are some thoughts.

The frame is 3mm shorter than my K2. I wanted this for more agility. I got it but some of this might be attributed to the harder wheels.

One of the things I have been unhappy with in my K2 skates has been the inability to work at one foot balancing. My left foot always started to tilt in and so did my right but to a less extent. I spent a lot of time practicing and trying different things. The Seba's are totally different. I can feel the difference with my feet more centred over the frame. My whole foot feels so much more "planted" in the boots and then the skates on the ground. Now I can adjust the frame in tiny amounts and have them even more aligned if necessary. This is the main reason I went ahead and spent the money on these skates.

Even though the wheels say 88a the owner of Shop/Task, Leon thinks they are less than that. Maybe 86.

I went from 84 (80a) to 90mm wheels and was expecting the ride to be a bit smoother but it is not much if at all as far as I can tell. It might be that I will need 100mm wheels to make a difference. Or softer wheels next time.

I also noticed that the hard wheels manage pebbles etc very differently. Seems like they are kicked away more easily that the softer wheels I have had on my other skates.

I was told that it might take 10 hours for these skates to break in. I wonder what they will be like then.

Oh yes, I have been skating with a brake and working at not using it but on these new Trix 2's: No Brake! I was nervous about doing this at age 72 but I thought I could do it. It feels great, just need to plan ahead as much as possible.

Many thanks to Shop/Task. The people there spent a lot of time with me and it has paid off. Great service.
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