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Originally Posted by JohnRC View Post
On the smooth store floor they are scary fast. They just roll and roll.
Most new wheels will roll really well on polished concrete or linoleum, which is what I'm guessing the store has. Have you tried other size wheels on the same floor?

Originally Posted by JohnRC View Post
We have new areas of good bike paths but they did not put down smooth asphalt so I want bigger wheels to help compensate. My 84mm still feel rough. Will 90mm be much better? I have not been able or willing to buy a set just to find out.
Which 84s do you have? If you were complaining about cracks or twigs, I would say the larger wheels are the way to go. Since you are complaining about rough asphalt you may be better served by getting softer wheels.

Originally Posted by JohnRC View Post
I would really like to try some triskates but it is not possible. None of the K2 100mm trios are going to be for sale here. 110 is too tall and no one sells a 90mm triskate frame here in British Columbia.
Since you've stated that you like your current frame length, you might want to consider getting a 100 or 110 mm frame and just putting smaller wheels on it. You can always go smaller. It may even be less tall than the 3x90 you linked to above if the front and back wheel are outside your toe and heel instead of directly under the feet. I'd have to look at the exact models to know for sure, though.

Mini-rant (you can ignore this):
I really don't like the term tri-skate. It's just a marketing term for inline skates with 3 wheels. There's nothing special about the number of wheels which necessitates the need for a new term, and it further fragments the market in a way which is confusing for new skaters. I'm afraid that it will actually turn off potential entrants to the sport who aren't sure if they want "inline skates" or "tri-skates", and hesitate or back out of a purchase because they attach more meaning to that difference than actually exists.

That said, my issue is with Powerslide marketing. Since the term is out there, go ahead and use it.
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